Thursday, July 16, 2009

ST12 Go International

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Go international so most musicians dream of Indonesia. No group except the band origin Bandung, ST12.

But if some musicians go international with a song in English, ST12 of the other. They will sing Arabic songs .

"Yes we want it go international. We want to make a song with the Arabic language," said Pepeng, ST12 guitarist, not this old.

Not without reason if Pepeng and his friends choose Arabic as a means go international. Apparently because of the vocalist, Charlie, is quite clever mengaji consequence ST12 choose Arabic.

"He was like joining competitions ngaji-ngaji so, he twisted-cengkoknya I certainly can. He also loves nyanyi nasyid songs," said Pepeng.

One proof of skill Charlie singing in Arabic, according to Pepeng, already proven at ST12 `Umrah recently. When the `Umrah, Charlie spontaneously sing a song in Arabic. "I ask him the same, the song he said Charlie," said Pepeng. (LMP / Ezz / photo: Ezz) (stsetia / Febri rifki) "ST12 Go International"

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Charly fatigue, Concert Schedule Due to the dense

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Because fans want to meet his desires, ST12 vocalist, Charlie van Houten, ignoring the pain menderitanya. As a result, carries over 12 consecutive songs in a music program broadcast a glass screen directly, Charlie collapse.
Charlie who is still running sempoyang self menyempatkan find the hunter in the news studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Saturday (6-6). "In fact I need to rest long," said Charlie weak...[...]

On the other hand, the desire is as if Charlie does not find a meeting point. The ST12 is the concert schedule and a solid contract that has been diteken Charlie make friends with both, Pepep and Pepeng, failed to get a full opportunity to rest.

"ST12 schedule and has been working with some of the sponsors have also signed, I want enggak must keep running," said Charlie.

Charlie did not turn information Pepep, the drumer ST12, that he was suffering from insomnia and can sleep at six o'clock. "Yes indeed I'm suffering from insomnia, I always make utmost every song like sleep. If you do not turn up the guitar and make songs, they have less," Charlie deception.

Charlie is also often lazy to eat, that was even vomiting blood due to chronic erwinvb suffered. "Recently, I just like that, I am also surprised. I was difficult to break, hard to eat, because the mag has continued lambungnya chronic wounds," said Charlie gentle.

To the front, with conditions such as experienced by both Charlie and Pepep and Pepeng, Charlie hopes the management team can set the schedule a bit loose. "Maybe we have time (ST12 with the management team) to negotiate a set schedule really leaving time for us to rest," answered Charlie.

According Pepep, not the first time Puspa troubadour songs that appear in a less fit. "It is three times her kayak gini, like diinfus if he already ngedrop, even at the Lampung last manggung, Charlie was vomiting blood," said Pepep.
Recognized Pepep and Charlie Pepeng if conditions like this due to the concert schedule padatnya and ST12 Charlie hours sleep which is very minimal due to insomnia. In addition, although both have diperingatkan friends to relax, Charlie still only be naughty.

"Charlie is among the stubborn, we do have ngigetin bored, he is especially difficult to sleep," said Pepep. "If the new hours sleep aja 6 am," he added.
Senada with Pepep, Pepeng also added, "if we tegur he always says I sound kok, Elu quiet aja," Pepeng supplement. "But he is deceased nurutnya same faith (former personnel ST12-red)," tekannya.

In addition to the wakeful, ST12 schedule a very solid lately, even a third of the present flow of the new Malay pop feel full day of rest only once. Saking not want to make the penggemarnya disappointed, once the time Charlie diinfus requested a moment ago to return to the stage again singing.

"He fit in Balikpapan show, in the middle of the concert Charlie must get oxygen, even diinfus also, hold nyanyi again," said Pepep. "The voice that I salut enggak Fals. The burden of her taste, if I have a drumer can gantiin, but if there enggak vocalist," kenangnya.

Pepeng therefore concerned with the condition that is experienced vokalisnya, "health is consequently expensive. Useless if no money can not enjoy them," Pepeng firm.(STSetia/febri)

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Log In ST12 Nomination APM 2009

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JAKARTA - SURYA-The music awards have been held for eight consecutive years in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore, Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM), for the first time will be held in Jakarta (Indonesia)-this year .

APM 2009 will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center on July 18 to come. Eighteen category awards will be given in the are. Categories that consist of nine categories best, the seven most popular category, and two special categories. Two categories called the last, Achievement Award and Humanitarian Award, a new three times in a row held.

The recipient of nine awards for best category is determined by the Board of Juries, consisting of those who have competence in the field of music and television from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. A number of Indonesian music artist ST-12, incoming nominations categories best.

Meanwhile, for the seven most popular category, dilibatkanlah audiences through sound polling via SMS and download the songs in the three countries.

APM 2009 will be produced and displayed by private television station Global TV. A line of artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore akan appear in APM 2009. Approximately 100 million viewers in the three countries that they will enjoy the action.(STSetia/febri)

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Charly "ST12" And blown At Infus

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Tired and breathless create vocalist Charly ST12 must diinfus a bottle. That happens when the show together with ST12 in the Playlist SCTV, Saturday (6 / 6). Fact was, Charly until all vomiting blood.

"I kecapean from yesterday already feel crowded. Formerly, even the sick to vomiting blood. From the first set," explains vocalist Charly ST12, when found in the Penta Studio, Batusari, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Saturday (6 / 6) afternoon ...[..]

Charl fatigue that was terkomplikasi with ulcer disease who dideritanya. This is going on at this time Charliy.

"If the disease is usually kecapean ulcer recurrence. If relapse is so, so poor appetite. Conditions are so weak. Now, for example. During and after manggung like before, I have to diinfus one bottle," said Charly.

Health is not prime, the decrease of weight berbuntut weight Charly to 5kg. Health condition is the only Charlie worked in full. In fact, to keep staminanya, Charly plans have private doctors.

"Nggak ngoyo, Rejeki kan ngalirnya of God. In fact, for the heart health of this Pingin already have private doctors," his him. (STSetia/febri)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ST12 Magic spectators Tanah Abang

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Success snatch the award in one of SCTV Music Awards, the band continues to waver ST12. Seems tired even without the band that Charlie divokalisi this entertaining visitors Wholesale Center Tanah Abang Blok A, Saturday (30 / 5) evening.

Since the day the visitors are mostly mothers and children began to meet one of the corners of the food court on the floor 8. ST12 planned to appear at 15:00 WIB as much, but because of the Charlie and his new friends arrive 35 minutes later...[...]

Known visitor mengelu be welcome Charlie directly coast when he stood in front of the stage. A number of children and mothers do not want to leave the moment to see the close male often created songs for other performers this. They issued a mobile phone berkamera Charlie monumentalize action. However, because near the end of the stage hands down menertibkan.

Some of the songs that dilantunkan Charlie koor followed by the visitor. As in most concerts, Charlie also utter a few broken words when two will continue to track other. Last time such a song.

"The song that will bring us the personal experience and what my friend. Hopefully not going to congratulate you and enjoy. Nyanyi with Yuk," she said with a short and direct hand accompanied visitors.

Name ST12 who start up it would be the committee. It appears that the plasma TV that is mounted on the floor. Even a white screen size is being used so that any visitor who does not close on the stage can see the action that Charlie et al. Wholesale Center Tanah Abang that day truly Ceria Saturday. KL

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Charly 'ST12': Living Metal, Malay Total

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Jakarta - As a new band, of course st12 suspect will never be able to reach a myriad of success within the near future. However, if there is no great of course that could hinder the songs they like, Last time, the song was chosen as the place Terfavorit SCTV Music Awards 2009 top choice of viewers through the many SMS messages.

"Luar biasa banget. St12 only a small band, the band always, without the support we will be able to do anything. But all the bands in the great-great. Life 'Metal', Malay total," Charlie said after accepting the award at the Plenary Hall , JCC, Friday (29 / 5) night.

When disinggung matter of opinion that most people assume the music is wither maudlin music, the vocalist st12 did not want to take this headache. It is music that tends to wither with the mawkish contemporary Malay culture of the Gentiles also.

"Ngapain persoalkan problem? We should be proud as the other. That is as musikalitas, do not blame them Malay," said Charlie.

"No matter what the type of stream of, we should be able to make Indonesia as the host of all types of music. In the future we will introduce RockYu Rock or Malay, JazzYu, and DutYu," augment him. (STSetia/febri)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ST12 bring along the Rush Family of Faith worship Umroh

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Even though the die was in 2005 because of ill dideranya, Iman Rush will always dikenang personnel by the ST12. Nevertheless Iman is the founder and guitarist conceiver ST12 that has been donated material for the album track of them.

Monday (18 / 5) yesterday, Charlie, Pepeng, and Pepep taking the time to berziarah to the tomb of Faith. In addition, they also have a surprise for the family of the deceased left behind...[...]

On June 24, Charlie is planning dkk akan perform worship to the holy land Umroh Mecca. For that, together with Trinity Optima Production as a recording label and PT. Tourism as a service bureau Umroh Makmur, ST12 the syukuran in the house of faith, and invites parents to participate in the deceased contingent Umroh.

Call it, said Charlie, as an expression of feeling gratitude to the Creator, to achieve the success of the ST12 in a few years ago. He hopes their music will continue to receive the fans in his homeland.(STSetia/febri)(kl)

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